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It’s fascinating that the whole project to bring up what is left of Blackbeard’s ship is still going on. It was originally a 5 year project but is well past that now. The National Geographic reported back in 2011 that scientists had finally found enough evidence to prove it actually is Queen Anne’s Revenge.

One of the key pieces of evidence (apart from the ship’s bell) must surely have been this cannon:

BB cannon

You can read more about that here.

They now have a huge range of artefacts that have been turned into a travelling exhibition. The QAR website will tell you more about it.

I still remember visiting the Maritime Museum in Beaufort and seeing all the things that had been brought up and cleaned. I use the photos in school visits, and talk about that research road trip a lot!

USA trip 2010 221

These are some cleaned-up cannonballs. More photos coming!


Pirate X begins

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I first began writing this historical pirate novel ten years ago! It’s been a long journey but now I’m on the home stretch, I hope. So this blog is about the final draft and the processes of revision and replotting, among other things.